Barre 2 Barre

Barre 2 Barre Academy

2019 - 2020 Training Dates:

BarreAmped Level 1 Certification & Spine Anatomy
Led by Regional Trainer Hayley Lief
6-8 December 2019 at Fource Studios Jakarta, Indonesia

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Upcoming Barre 2 Barre Academy Training & Retreats

BarreAmped Level 1 Certification & Spine Anatomy
14-15 & 21-22 March 2020 at Barre 2 Barre Hong Kong
Your Investmen t: USD 1699 (USD1299 Early Bird)

Barre 2 Barre Wellness Retreat
30 April - 3 May 2020 at Five Elements Bali
Your Investment: USD 985 or 1365 (Shared or Single Room)

BarreAmped Level 1 Certification & Spine Anatomy
22-25 May 2020 at Barre 2 Barre Singapore
Your Investment: USD 1699 (USD1299 Early Bird)

BarreAmped Level 1 & 2 Certification with Spine & Shoulder Anatomy
30 Sept - 7 Oct 2020 at Komune Bali
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Embark on a life changing journey at the barre!


Training is open to anyone:

  • barre enthusiasts who want to deepen their practice
  • personal trainers or group fitness instructors looking to add barre exercises to their teaching repertoire
  • boutique fitness studios wanting to add barre to their programming
  • certified yoga or Pilates instructors hoping to enrich their practice and teaching skills.
  • this training will provide you with the tools needed to successfully and safely guide clients through a body and mindset changing experience.



Barre 2 Barre Academy and BarreAmped Level 1 Certification 

  • Anatomy pre-training research and homework
  • Barre 2 Barre Academy - Anatomy Module 1 
    • Basic anatomy and movement terms for barre 
    • Functional anatomy of the Spine and Core
  • History and Principles of BarreAmped
  • BarreAmped Level 1 exercise breakdown
  • Modifications for Pregnancy (pre & post natal)
  • Modifications for injury and incorrect form 
  • Class Framework 1 / Lesson Plan Sequencing / Music & Environment
  • Teaching Skills Lab & Practice


Day 1: Barre 2 Barre Anatomy Module + BarreAmped Coursework 

Day 2: BarreAmped Coursework

Day 3: BarreAmped Coursework Review and Exam

Frequently asked questions:
1) What does the cost include? 

Our rates include Barre 2 Barre Anatomy Training, BarreAmped Level 1 or 2 Certification, and 6 month free access to the BarreAmped® Network.  The BarreAmped® Network will give you access to addtional learning resources: 

  • exercise breakdown & troubleshooting videos
  • sample classes and segment sample videos
  • teaching tips, including new variations & ideas
  • exclusive social network to connect you with other BarreAmped® trainees from around the world.

2) What are the different certifications that you offer?

BarreAmped Level 1 Certification is the pre-requisite for further levels of training with BarreAmped. It’s an intensive training to prepare you to not only understand and perform each foundational exercise well, but to also gain skills in teaching the method while inspiring and correcting clients.

Once you successfully completed BarreAmped Level 1, other certifications available to you will include BarreAmped Level 2, 3 and specialty formats. 

3) Will there be an exam?

Yes, there will be a written (theory & anatomy) and practical teaching test at the end of each training. The medium of instruction for the trainings will be English. Should you prefer to test in another language and/or need manuals to be translated, please let us know. We will try to accomodate but there will be an additional cost for the translation and will need to be borne by the registrant. 

4) At the end of the training, do we receive a certificate? 

Yes! Within 2 weeks after your exam date and subject to you passing your theory and practical exam, you will receive an email inviting you to the BarreAmped Network which will give you additional learning resources and connect you with the greater BarreAmped community worldwide. Here you will get access to videos that will support your learning after the live training. You can then access your certificate online after you log in. Access to the BarreAmped Network is free for the first 6 months. Past that, pay only USD 9.99/month for continued access (cancel anytime).

The certificate issued by BarreAmped will confirm that you have completed training and are a "Certified Barre Teacher" with BarreAmped. The certificate is valid for one year past your training date. Should you wish to keep your certificate active, you will need to recertify before the expiry date stated on your certificate by attending Level 2 or any of our other trainings, AND maintain a valid membership with the BarreAmped Network at USD 9.99/month. Once your certificate expires, you will no longer be allowed access to the BarreAmped Network. 

At the end of the training, trainees will earn the title "Barre Certified by BarreAmped® ".

Since BarreAmped is a licensed method, you are only allowed to call yourself a "BarreAmped Teacher" if you are teaching at a licensed studio such as Barre 2 Barre. Only licensed studios are allowed to use BarreAmped in their class names, titles, descriptions and marketing materials. 

Unless you have a separate licence agreement or teach at a licenced BarreAmped studio, you are not able to call yourself a Certified BarreAmped Teacher or that you teach BarreAmped classes. In the same way, someone might take a Yoga Teacher Training at Pure Yoga or similar, after successfully completing training they can call themselves a "Certified Yoga Teacher" but not a "Certified Pure Yoga Teacher".

5) When should I arrive and depart?

Registration and orientation starts at 7:30am on Day 1. If you are arriving from out of town, we recommend arriving in Hong Kong/Singapore the day before. Exam day is on the last day of the training and all students should complete thier exams by 6pm on the third day. 

6) What are the terms and conditions? 

Number of students

Our trainings require a minimum of 6 students. Should the training be cancelled due to low sign ups, all fees paid will be refunded in full.

Registrations and Payments

Modes of payment include:

- bank transfer in USD (bank details provided upon request). All transaction fees are to be borne by the registrant. To register and pay by bank transfer, please contact

- credit card. Credit card transaction fees and foreign currency exchange costs will be included in the amount to be paid by the registrant.

Click here to register and pay for the Level 1 training.

Click here to register and pay for the Level 2 training in Singapore. 

Refunds / cancellations

Refund Policy 
More than 60 days out  - 100% refund
31 days - 60 days out  - 45% refund
30 days out - No refund

USD 100 administration fee applies to all refunds and cancellations. Participants are responsible for all transaction costs relating to the refund/cancellation. 

Payment online

Payment must be made in full within 7 days after registration online. Upon registration online, your space will be held for you for 7 days. Thereafter, your space will be automatically released.

Travel and Flights

You must book your own flights and accomodation where necessary for the country of training. 

Visa Entry & Requirements

Please comply with all visa and health requirements of the country of training. Barre 2 Barre is not liable for any illness, delays or costs resulting from your failure to meet these requirements.

Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the day of arrival in the country of training.

See you barre babes at our next training!