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Livestream Barre Classes
Livestream classes are offered daily at both our Hong Kong and Singapore locations, ranging from Livestream Barre Mixed, Barre Fire, Barre Bootcamp, Barre Cardio, Barre Stretch, Barre + Pilates, and Barre + Yoga. We require clients to download Zoom and we encourage turn on the camera to allow our teachers to be able to verbally correct postures and alignment. We recommend clients mute themselves and check the camera is positioned towards the yoga mat while working out, and utilize the chat box function for any questions!

To prepare for an effective Barre@Home workout, we recommend clients prepare a yoga mat, a sturdy chair or counter top table for a barre alternative, a pair of weights or 2 water bottles, a 7” exercise ball or a rolled up bath towel, and a stretch band or a strap!  Let’s shake to change at home together!

Barre Mixed
This is the best class to develop your barre technique while building strength, stability and stamina. Think ballet-infused, strength and cardio training in a studio setting with the best playlists & barre crew to help get you through the jelly-leg inducing muscle-burn. It's fun, the class flows quickly, giving you a full body workout in less than an hour. It is safe and sustainable - hard on your muscles, but easy on the joints. This is a great class for all, from beginners to advanced.

Barre Bootcamp
This mixed levels class uses the foundation of BarreAmped combined with cardio intervals (1-2 minutes long). This program relies on high-intensity interval training or HIIT, which has been proven to burn fat faster than sustained endurance training, making it suitable for ALL fitness levels. BarreAmped Bootcamp will shake up your workout! This class is the most fun & effective way to burn fat, lose weight and change your body.

Barre Tabata
Same format as our BarreAmped Bootcamp classes but we switch out the cardio with Tabata-specific cardio exercises that send the body right into the fat burning zone. Each Tabata interval is done in short bursts of 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest in a cycle of eight (4 minutes total each time). Bring a towel and water, you will need it! We suggest taking 3 or more Bootcamp classes before joining this one, in order to build strenth, stamina and to understand correct form when moving.

Barre Fire
Ready for a new challenge? This class relies on a solid foundation of the BarreAmped technique, flexibility & strength. Fire incorporates full range of motion, quick transitions, elements of cardio, and advanced dynamic stretching. Look out for our Fire-Mixed Levels version, where you will be introduced to the new format, alignment and movements of this incredible class, at medium intensity.

Barre + BOUNCE
An intense and challenging collection of classic barre routines done on a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. The trampoline creates a dynamic surface, provides the stable support of the added “barre” (handle bar) and becomes a cardio machine. Barre exercises performed on the trampoline speed up the #shaketochange and the fun!

Barre + Stretch
This isn't just a stretch class. The POWER comes from all your fave BarreAmped exercises, seamlessly combined to get you flowing through each movement, and building up to that barre burn you crave. Each series is capped off with deep, juicy stretching - held for a longer period. You will work and stretch from head-to-toe in this stress relieving & toning, mind-body barre class.

Barre + Dance
Combines barre with a dance repertoire full of energy & fun.

Barre + Yoga
A beautiful blend of barre & flowing yoga. The best of both worlds!

Barre + Pilates
A fusion of barre and Pilates Mat exercises designed to provide a balanced, effective, total body workout with particular focus on your core. Our instructors will keep you on your toes, sculpting, strengthening and lengthening all at once.

Barre + Suspension
With the added resistance from suspension straps, your favourite barre exercises will feel new and different. A great way to keep shaking up your work out and learn new ways to challenge your mind and body. We recommend you take a minimum of 5 BarreAmped Mixed Levels classes before booking into your first Barre + Suspension class. Hong Kong only.

Barre + Sculpt
Amplifying your favourite barre moves with the use of sculpting resistance bands. The extra tension from the bands gives your muscles a great workout and provides new feedback to help improve your mind-body connection. This full-body workout combines the best of sculpting with barre and bands, sweating with cardio intervals, and a rewarding stretch series to cap it all off. Hong Kong only.

Barre + Kickboxing
After warming up with your favourite barre exercises, we add an element of kickboxing technique and cardio from our kickboxing trainer and champion. Suitable for beginners. Singapore only.

Barre 2 Barre Mama PRE NATAL
A safe and effective workout using neutral spinal alignment, proper breath and classic barre exercises with just the right amount of challenge to help moms stay trim and fit throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Interested in starting a Barre 2 Barre Bump Club? Get your friends together and arrange a private group session at our studio. Contact us for rates and details on private group training at Barre 2 Barre.

Barre 2 Barre Mama POST NATAL
We have worked with many happy barre mamas throughout their pregnancies. Class is capped at 8 students and tailored to help build strength, stamina and flexibility post-partum. Expect a full body workout in a fun and safe environment where you will be challenged (at the right level) and encouraged to work on your pelvic and spinal stability while strengthening your deep abdominals progressively. Postural awareness is a key element throughout class and each session ends with a rewarding and relaxing stretch series.

Stretch + Meditate
Balance your muscle strengthening with some lengthening! This class uses dynamic and static stretching techniques to increase flexibility and range of motion for a more balanced physical wellness. We round out the experience with a guided meditation practice to quiet the chatter of the mind. A regular meditation practice can help reduce stress, boost the immune system, and create an overall sense of well-being. Hong Kong only.

Yoga for a Healthy Back
This therapeutic class focuses on relieving tension and pain around the spine and strengthening the supporting core muscles. The use of alignment and breath will be used to keep your back healthy and strong. Including a restorative yoga class in your weekly barre practice is a wonderful way to balance out your fitness routine. Hong Kong only.

Private Lessons / Corporate Classes / Group Privates
Upon Request.