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Mother's Day 2021


Mother's Day 2021: Goodies and a Giveaway

Sat 8 May 2021

Free Livestream and IG Live

To us, every day is Mother’s Day and we will jump at any opportunity to show our gratitude and love for all the beautiful mothers in our lives.


Celebrate with us and book your spot at the barre via the links below:



We partnered with two women-owned, home-grown brands for a Mother's Day Giveaway. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and look out for the launch post on May 3. 


What's up for grabs?


  • Malabar Baby 👶 - slow-made, ethically-crafted, block-printed pyjamas.
  • Omno 🌱 green-based, nature-bound trio of body cleanser, hair cleanser and conditioner.
  • Barre 2 Barre On Demand 💪 1-year subscription to our online workouts.