Barre Moves For the Beach

Barre Moves For the Beach

November 12, 2018 | Barre 2 Barre, Hong Kong, Women's Health, wellness, fitness


Whether you are planning a beautiful beach holiday or simply want to take your barre practice outdoors for a change, here are some barre moves you can practice outside the studio! 

Thighs: Wide Second

Wide Second is a perfect exercise to fire up your thighs in a modified beach workout. Make sure you have a generously wide stance with your toes turned out roughly forty-five degrees, allow your knees to track over your toes, and lower into your plié or squat position. Without the barre or mirrors to rely on, you will get the opportunity to work deeply in this position, having to engage your core and monitor your shoulders over hips in order to maintain neutral spine. You may place your hands on your hips, or arms out to the sides, in front of you, or overhead. Change up your workout by trying different variations in the position, from pulsing, to shifting your weight side to side, to pressing your thighs back. Simply ground your feet in the sand and get to work!

Glutes: Foldover on the Floor

A wonderful exercise to work your glutes on the beach is Foldover on the Floor. Come to all fours on your forearms and knees, align your shoulders over elbows and hips over knees, lengthen your spine, engage your core, and extend one leg back in line with the rest of your body. From here, you can pulse this long leg with flexed or pointed toes, or bend at the knee and pulse in a 90-degree position. This exercise is great for the beach since it relies only on your own body weight and awareness of weight distribution, and is comfortable and easy to do on soft sand while challenging your whole body!

Full Body: Plank

Speaking of exercises that fire up muscles in the whole body, planks are a fantastic option for the beach, because they provide you with an all-encompassing workout while being possible without a barre and comfortable on sand. The great thing about plank is that there are so many variations of it you can do to target specific muscle groups around your body. For example, doing leg raises in plank will target your glutes, while doing a moving plank (lowering onto your forearms and pressing back up onto your palms) will involve more arm work. You can take a plank into challenging cardio work with mountain climbers or plank jacks (jumping your legs open and closed) or ab work, for example, drawing your knee in towards your chest and extending your leg back out. Feel free to be creative and use variations from both your regular plank and your forearm plank! 

Core: Underbarre

Finally, it is worth adapting Underbarre without a barre for the beach – yes, it is still possible, and will challenge you to really work from your core without straps to grip onto! Simply lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground, toes pointing forwards, and arms extended long by your sides. Connect to your neutral spine before floating your legs to table top position (knees over hips) and beginning variations of Underbarre, such as floating your legs out and in an inch, or lowering and lifting them. Welcome the additional challenge of Underbarre sans barre; since you won’t be able to rely on arm or upper body support, you will be forced to work more intelligently from your core, and it will be easy to recognize when you have unnecessary tension elsewhere in the body. Time to hit the beach and give these barre moves a try!

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