Barre 2 Barre SG Interview Series: Delphine (Part XV)

Barre 2 Barre SG Interview Series: Delphine (Part XV)

September 19, 2018 | Mindfulness, Wellness, healthy living, Health, Interview Series


Interview with Mindfulness & Meditation Coach: Delphine Supanya

Barre 2 Barre is excited to host Delphine Supanya for her upcoming workshop series: Post-Pregnancy Neuromuscular Reboot. In preparation for the two special sessions we will share with her on September 22 and 29, we interviewed Delphine to discover more about her practice and journey to becoming an inner work coach. Read on to learn about Delphine, and join us for these next two healing Saturdays. 


Tell us about your journey to becoming a meditation and inner work facilitator. 

I started meditating when I was around three years old. I grew up in a Vipassana Buddhist family and we practiced chanting and meditation daily. I particularly liked the ceremony around prayer- not in a religious sense, but in the way that it taught me to 1) check in with myself every morning and evening, 2) set positive intentions for the day and 3) express gratitude for any experience or lessons learned. This taught me to “check-in with myself” on a physical and emotional level and has helped me greatly in cultivating a sense of awareness from a very young age.

Meditation became an even bigger part of my life when I started to experience chronic pain due to the neurological illnesses I had to live with. This is when I started to explore the realm of meditation techniques (outside of the ones taught through vipassana) and discovered that meditation can be the simplest thing I practice seamlessly throughout the day - whether in stillness, during an activity such as a physical practice, or while eating, walking, picking my fruits and vegetables out at the store, and even while having a conversation. Meditation became my tool to manage anything that would cause emotional, energetic and physical imbalance or misalignment. Over the years, I fine-tuned my practices and found myself combining different meditation techniques to fit any situation or challenge I was facing. These are tools I enjoy sharing with the world now. 

One of the gifts or as I like to call them “side-effects” of having a meditation practice is that it teaches you to focus. It is not about emptying the mind at all but setting your attention (using the mind) on something very specific. We talk about Formula 1 drivers or rock climbers entering a meditative state of focus - it is the same thing. Until two years ago, I was in a state of chronic and often debilitating pain. Meditation helped me bring my focus to the task of completing five law degrees in three countries and working as an international lawyer in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. I came to truly understand the concept of “Mind Over Matter” and the Mind-Spirit connection. 

My path to becoming an inner work facilitator started when I emerged on the other side of a Near-Death Experience or NDE. I was recovering from post-stroke paralysis and understood that the Body is an integral part of the human experience, and that the “Mind Over Matter” and Mind-Spirit connections were not sustainable for healthy living. It was through deep Inner Work that I was serendipitously forced to reconnect with my Body and understood the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. This is when everything shifted within me and I used what I now call Inner Voyage Integration, Neuromuscular and Somatic Movement practices and Yin Yang Nutrition to fully recover from paralysis, reverse years of chronic disease, eradicate pain from my life, restore my eyesight, and become healthy enough to be able to conceive a child again. All we need to heal lies somewhere within us. It is now my joy to facilitate others into finding themselves and their own path to self-healing and expansion. Everyone deserves and is capable of living a vibrant, joy-filled life.

Could you describe/explain a few of the therapy modalities you practice?



Through meditation and hypnotherapy, we address specific areas of the human psyche to kick-start the body’s natural ability to self-heal and change the structure of the brain. I like to combine a multitude of meditation practices that I have come to experience and integrate over the last twenty-five years. The variety of methods reflects the variety of situations and states we experience as human beings on a daily basis. It is easier to reach a meditative state once we have experienced it for a prolonged period of time (25 to 60 minutes). As practice makes master, I then advise to practice 60 second meditation series throughout the day. These short meditations can be prolonged but are initially very efficient to reduce stress by achieving balance and alignment anytime, anywhere. We are naturally able to seamlessly integrate meditation into our lives. In the 21st century, it is no longer required to join a monastery to learn how to live mindfully and holistically.

Inner Voyage Integration

Inner Voyage Integration (IVI) is a deep meditation practice which I facilitate during private sessions. It combines several of the most effective practices I have learned, experienced and integrated. IVI reestablishes communication pathways between the mind, body, and spirit in the gentlest manner to reactivate the human’s self-healing capabilities from the inside out. It addresses the physical, psycho-somatic, emotional, and energetic aspects of your being and has been described as “one of the most rapid and accessible approaches to transformation and healing". This is the method through which I recovered from paralysis, reversed disease, and improved my life in all ways. I continue to witness everyday how effective it is at changing people’s lives as much as it has changed mine. 

Neuromuscular Reboot

On the physical side, I also practice Neuromuscular Reboot (NMR), an easy to remember tool that can be applied anytime anywhere and only takes 15 to 30 minutes to practice and 2 to 3 hours to learn. NMR is a series of exercises which lay the foundation for a connected, efficient, leaner and stronger physique. If you wonder how athletes and dancers get the tone in their muscles, it is through neuromuscular therapy. My teacher, Melvin Hart, and I have taken this approach further by combining it with neuromuscular reprogramming to enable a full body reset (on a physical, neurological, emotional and energetic level). This method is so beautifully efficient to kick start a balanced and healthy lifestyle and any movement practice. We practice it everyday ourselves first thing in the morning and as part of our warm-up before any physical activity. 

What keeps you motivated to continue on your path as an inner work teacher? What are some changes you have seen in your clients that inspire you and reaffirm the power of your practice? And specifically with pain and pre-natal complications?

It is such a privilege to witness such deep transformations and self-healing. It has become my daily job to assist people in finding themselves and coaching them through their own evolutionary process. To me it is about reintroducing magic and awe into our lives and witnessing how rediscovering that changes people on a deep level. It is the most beautiful experience when someone rediscovers that all they need to find happiness has been residing within them all this time. The path to healing anything is through inner work and self-love. I enjoy accompanying others on that path very much. 

I have seen people who were in pain for years walk out of a session pain-free and come back to learn how to maintain that state. Some are even learning the technique now and facilitating other people through this process. 

One pregnant woman came to me as she was considering sewing her cervix due to complications during her second term. After one session together, all her bleeding stopped and she delivered a healthy boy through a beautiful natural birth. The work clients like her do extends to after birth as well, as parents are more and more interested in maintaining all things magical throughout their child’s education. 

I learn so much witnessing such deep transformations and we create such meaningful connections. I have seen hundreds of people in the past two years and look forward to assisting anyone who feels called to evolve and transcend what has been limiting their happiness. 

What is your experience in working specifically with mothers?

For the last two years I have worked with mothers and mothers-to-be, before and after birth. 

Through the inner work, the mother gets to connect very deeply with her infant in-utero and interact with it before it is born. It is one of my greatest joys to facilitate such experiences and see how a mother connects and interacts with her child. The inner work also helps greatly with any pre-birth complication such heavy bleeding, low-lying placenta, or ectopic pregnancy. 

This year, and especially since I experienced a miscarriage myself, I have been assisting more women with physical, emotional, and energetic recovery after birth. To clarify, by birth I mean any birthing constellation - namely birth, miscarriage, abortion, and false birth. Having experienced the physiological and emotional changes myself, I developed an easy to practice post-pregnancy program that aims to deeply reconnect a woman to herself while benefitting from a physical upgrade. I have come to understand, through my own experience and observing other women, that pregnancy is not only the birthing of a child, but also the birth of a stronger and more connected version of oneself. There are not enough programs for mothers that address the physical, emotional, and energetic realities that are all part of the experience, which is why I created the Post-Pregnancy Neuro-muscular Reboot workshop series. 


Could you share one or two simple but effective tips anyone could incorporate into their daily lives to manage stress or anxiety? 

My favourite tools to manage stress and anxiety are the following: 

Tool 1: Check-in Body Scan 

Take 60 seconds a day to sit down, close your eyes and do a quick body scan. Scan your body from the top of your head all the way down to your toes, notice and acknowledge how you feel on a physical level (tension points, sore points, points which feel good), on an emotional level (am I angry, frustrated, stressed? anxious?) and on an energetic level (I am tired, I am energized, I am so-so). Whatever it is, I invite you to notice and name those sensations. We lead such busy lives, and we do not take enough time to check in with ourselves and notice how we feel and where we are at. The simple act of acknowledging a state of being is already very healing as what we are doing in that very moment is being present. Once we name the sensation, it has been felt, noticed, acknowledged, and it can now move into the past, i.e. no longer affects us on an unconscious level. This will reduce your level of stress, irritation, and anxiety. The best part with this practice is that during those 60 seconds, you meditated. 

Tool 2: Smile 

Take another 60 to 180 seconds a day (several times a day if you can) after the Check-in Body Scan to smile. Make the biggest full-toothed smile you can muster, feel your cheeks extend to almost touch your ears, and feel your eyes move diagonally towards the top of your head. Once you are there keep the smile and breathe. You can do this with your eyes closed or opened, in front of a mirror, and anytime, anywhere. Smiling releases pleasure hormones called endorphins, which are natural painkillers, and antidepressant hormones such as serotonin. It not only reduces stress but also boosts the immune system. Once you are done smiling, take a few seconds to notice how much better you feel and take that newfound sense of self and joy to continue your day in a more beautiful manner. 

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