Private Training

Private Training

We offer personalised Pilates mat and barre classes in Hong Kong and Singapore for individuals or small groups (1-4 persons), perfect for:

  • recovering from injury
  • pre and post natal fitness
  • flexibility with your schedule
  • working at your own pace or towards your specific fitness goals

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Hong Kong:




Singapore Only:

Bump to Baby 6-week pre-natal program

Prepare your body physically and mentally for the journey ahead. Enjoy an assessment of existing and potential aches and pains in your body and an education on breathing, good posture, and core and pelvic floor activation, preparing you to exercise safely during pregnancy. Additionally, you will be offered two 60-minute physiotherapy appointments with a women’s health specialist, a 30-minute pelvic health information session, and ten 55-minute private barre classes with an instructor trained in prenatal barre exercise. The total cost of this program is SG$1,600. Commence after first trimester.

Program details:

  • 2x 60 minute Physiotherapy appointments over the program with a physiotherapist specialising in women’s health
  • 30 minute pelvic health information session
  • What will physiotherapy cover
    • Assessment: assessment and management of existing aches and pains, screening for potential injuries/weaknesses.
    • Education: Breathing, posture, core and pelvic floor activation; assessment and guidance for issues such as abdominal separation and safe exercise during pregnancy.
    • Physiotherapy manual therapy: if you have an injury, back pain or other joint pain that needs attention. This may include a mixture joint mobilisation or muscle release techniques (massage) to restore your full movement and reduce pain. Common pains we see are back ache, pubic bone pain (pubic symphysis joint dysfunction), pelvic joint (sacroiliac joint) dysfunction, hip pain and foot issues.
    • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: Symptoms of pelvic floor weakness commonly arise during pregnancy and into the postnatal period. We will equip you with the skills and guidelines you need to avoid issues such as incontinence and muscle weakness.
    • Provision of support garments: such as abdominal or pelvic supports if required.
  • 10x 55 minute private sessions with a BarreAmped certified instructor with education in training in pre and post-natal barre exercise

Baby and Beyond 6-Week Postnatal Program

Continue to learn about how to safely exercise and rehabilitate your new body post childbirth. This program will include two 60-minute physiotherapy appointments with a women’s health specialist, a 30-minute postnatal barre workshop, and unlimited group barre classes for six weeks with an instructor trained in postnatal barre exercise. The total cost of this program is SG$750. 

BarreAmped Bride To Be

To sculpt & tone for the big day, we are offering a bridal program for all brides to be! This bridal package which includes:

  • 1 private class (includes postural analysis)
  • 3 month unlimited group classes (we recommend attending at least 3x a week to see results)
  • Consultation with Health Coach Mathilde Dujardin (we recommend you supplement your fitness regime with a healthy lifestyle and eating habits)
  • An exclusive hen's night for up to 8 bridesmaids! (We recommend a BarreAmped Bounce class or BarreAmped Mixed Levels to celebrate)

This package is priced at SG$888 (worth SG$1,660). We are also happy to offer your bridesmaids a speical rate of SG$288/month should they wish to join you in this journey towards your big day!