Abha Kaul

Meditation Coach & Indian Philosophy-in-Action Facilitator   

Abha Kaul has studied and practised yoga and meditation with learned masters in Indian spiritual traditions associated with the Chinmaya Mission, the Bihar School of Yoga and the Buddha’s teachings. Understanding that these spiritual disciplines are of universal appeal and provide benefits that are of direct relevance and immense value to all persons regardless of age, gender, nationality or creed, Abha began conducting guided meditation classes.

She has taught and shared several different techniques of meditation in order to calm and train the mind, and realise one's natural state of happiness, to friends and clients from varied international backgrounds, in a contemporary language and idiom they can relate to and easily connect with.

An ex-lawyer who has lived in Singapore for over 18 years, Abha enjoys researching, learning about and sharing diverse aspects of Indian and Asian culture and heritage, in museums and out in the field. She has been taking culture and history buffs on study tours in India for the past many years, and at the same time is committed to delving into the inner life of spiritual beings in human embodiments.

Meditation sessions are deeply relaxing, healing, empowering, and equip practitioners with handy tools for joyous, stress free living and enhanced mental and emotional health. Through breath, sound, and even “sleep”, Abha’s guided meditation classes bring clients a variety of ways in which to experience wellness, peace and personal evolution.