Delphine Supanya

Mindfulness & Meditation Coach

Delphine Supanya brings mindfulness off mountains and jungles into the fast-paced urban lifestyle. Blending her successful international legal career and over 20 years of meditation practice, she now offers wellness programmes to corporates, clinics and individuals that aim to achieve maximum efficiency in short multi-sensory experiences.

Her life took a turn when she recovered from a series of near-death experiences that led to a deeper understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection which allowed her to heal from over 15 years of chronic illnesses. Her mission is now to offer evolutive and more positive perspectives on topics that are widely misunderstood or hardly talked about. Some of the topics she is covers are 'Triggering the Self-Healing process through the Mind', 'Miscarriage as an Evolutionary Process' and 'Self-Love as the Path to Conscious Living'. 

Delphine now works with various organisations bridging the seen and the unseen to enable conscious evolution.