JD Baoyue Cheong

Certified BarreAmped Teacher

JD loves the sweat life – from long distance running, HIIT & heart-pumping cardio activities to yoga, pilates & barre. Her love for fitness & wellness has bloomed since her university days when she was struggling with back pains and shoulder aches from long hours bound in front of a screen. 



Despite being physically active, her work took a toll on her posture and it was only with Barre that she was able to engage in the deeper mind-body connection, attuning to her core on a deeper level. The addition of barre conditioning into her fitness routine led her to see a phenomenal change in the tone & shape of her muscles. And so she says – “death by an inch”. Hashtag it.

Her passion and love for barre overflows into her classes, while she prioritizes form & alignment with all her clients. Her warm & welcoming sunshine personality encourages a sense of community where she pushes clients out of their comfort zone.

With an enormous passion for all things related to health & wellness, JD continues to lead a balanced life – healthy eating, moving daily, laughing lots & loving genuinely.

Outside of the studio, JD focuses on spending time with her loved ones with acai, long blacks & good conversations, indulging in long naps or in the kitchen creating new plant-based magic.

JD's Credentials

  • Certified BarreAmped Teacher (Level 1, Level 2)