Jennifer Feng

Certified BarreAmped Teacher

Jennifer's barre journey started back in Boston when she tried a barre class with some friends. Although she tried that class on a whim, the exercise hater was immediately hooked... and has not looked back since. 

Not only has barre helped her grow stronger emotionally and physically, but also given her the motivation to maintain a holistically healthy lifestyle (albeit some occasional indulges in good food!). 


She loves getting into the shake-zone and the ability to work on isolated muscle groups all while working out to amazing music (her favourites include 2000s hip hop, EDM, and good old pop!). She believes that barre is accessible to everybody (regardless of age or fitness level) and hopes to  share her passion for this incredible workout with as many as possible!

Jennifer's Credentials

  • Certified BarreAmped Teacher (Level 1 & 2, BarreAmped Bounce, Power Stretch)
  • University of Michigan Alumni